An alternative private school for future entrepreneurs and change makers between the ages 14-20.


Our Mission

To develop crucial skills and create meaningful experiences for students so that they may lead the world toward compassion and freedom.



Our Vision





January 2017


Enrollment limited.

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Full-time Student
After School Program
Gap Year Experience

Core Curriculum



Power Systems


Economic Engine


Media Creation

Learn your way into the future

Instead of viewing curriculum as a predetermined course of study, it becomes a horizon to aim for. Instead of telling students to each simply row their boat, we must encourage their capacity to navigate, to tack and adapt as conditions shift. Instead of conforming to an old one-dimensional approach to learning, students are empowered to find the innovations that improve their learning process.

Build A Truly Unique Portfolio


Individuals will not be thinking about “completing school work” but about “portfolio building,” as they will come and go to put together a series of projects. This emphasizes the need for individuals to know what they are passionate about in order to come in, perform what is needed, and move on to the next portfolio item.  Validation will not be about the organization we belong to –  the validation comes from value that we create.

Our Values


We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to push the boundaries of our potential. We live freely and compassionately and we explore the world with a deep sense of responsibility to others.


Working tirelessly becomes effortless when work feels like play. Gratitude fuels our work ethic. Everyday we work relentlessly toward the things that we have a passion for and we can change direction whenever we want.



Learning how to make money is both an opportunity and a necessity. We believe we can most effectively lead the world by creating the economic engines that will fuel our ability to lead.

Agile Families

Let Go So They Can Grow

Organizations that “let go at the top ( i.e. parents and teachers)”—forsaking conformity and avoiding hierarchy—are agile, flexible, and poised to leap from opportunity to opportunity, sacrificing short-term memorization for life long memories. There is less control, but in exchange for control, we get more cooperation, enthusiasm and grit. High performance of the individual and of the organization therefore merges into a common goal when we can enable humans to direct their own lives to create and contribute where they are best suited.